Could Your Firm Handle More Business?

Would you like more customers? Here’s how to get them…

Today your best advertising is a bunch of good reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.

People pay a lot of attention to these reviews to determine who they will call to get bids on everything from replacing their roofs, best choice for an evening out and the most pain free dentist in town.

Google Plus reviews show up for almost every local category of products or services for people who do searches on Google and that is about 70% of everyone.  This is especially for searches done in your immediate area, (+/- 30 miles from your shop) especially if you have a properly optimized Google Plus page for your business.

Other services like Yelp will often show up in those Google searches also and many users will opt to go directly to them before they start their search.

In the past, the review game has been a two edged sword for many.

There are three common problems with this approach…

  • The Asking
  • The Navigating
  • The Content

Many businesses find it awkward to ask for reviews. And a few are afraid of what their customers might say.

When you do ask, your client still needs to find their way to the review site, not always the easiest thing for everyone.

Finally, people are funny. They may give you a “so-so” review or even a bad one for bizarre reasons. So it can be hard to predict what they will say.

Fortunately, there is a new solution to all three of these issues…

It’s called RepPilot.

  • It will ask for the review for you, politely and persistently.
  • It will take those who give you high marks directly to the review page
  • It diverts the so-so and bad reviews to a private feedback page

Watch this very short video for an overview.

All you need to do is gather your customer’s first name and email address and enter them into the RepPilot system.

This is easiest done on a customer intake form that you would institute as a routine practice, if you do not already do so.

Then after a project/client call/visit etc.  is completed, you enter the names and emails into RepPilot, and it takes over from there.

It is easy and effective.

Now some people will still not leave reviews, but many will.

Particularly if you make this a routine part of your process.

The net results is that you will get more positive reviews and as importantly, you will get a lot of them.

The system redirects so-so reviews and any less good reviews to you, and not to the review sites.  As a result, your average star rating gets a boost.

This will show the world, that you are a quality resource, and provide online word of mouth testimonial to that fact.

This will impress new clients/customers/patients, who see you on Google, Yelp! and elsewhere. Resulting in more business for you.

It is an elegant solution, and one that will pay for itself over and over as you accumulate more and more reviews, outpacing any local competitors.

So if you would like to out compete your competitors, and be seen as the star provider in your market area, call today.

Oh, by the way, should you ever want to quit RepPilot, you can cancel at any time. But I don’t think you will.

Call now.

Earl Netwal
Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant
on behalf of RepPilot