Your Online Business Reputation Is Critical to Your Business Growth!

Get More Customers With Superior Online Reviews.

Today your most effective tool to out compete your local competitors is to out do them with a bunch of great reviews on Google, Yelp and/or Angie’s List.

Online reviews have a powerful positive or negative impact on your potential customers actions.  Great reviews increase new business opportunities, while poor reviews kill business, often without you even being aware of the issues.

In the past, the review game has been a two edged sword for many.

The three biggest challenges to getting reviews for most businesses are…

  • The Asking
  • The Navigating
  • The Content

Many businesses find it awkward to ask for reviews. And a few are afraid of what their customers might say.

When they do ask, the customer or client still needs to find their way to the review site, which is not always the easiest thing for everyone.

Finally, people are funny. They may give you a “so-so” review or even a bad one for bizarre reasons. It can be hard to predict what they will say.

Fortunately, there is a new solution to all three of these issues…

It’s called RepPilot.

  • RepPilot asks for the review for you, politely and persistently.
  • RepPilot will take those who give you high marks directly to the review page
  • RepPilot diverts the so-so and bad reviews to a private feedback page that only you will see.

Watch this very short video for an overview.

It is easy and effective.

The net results is that you will get more positive reviews and as importantly, you will get them quicker than any other legitimate means.

RepPilot redirects so-so reviews and any poor reviews directly to you, and not to the review sites.

Thus you can intervene and reduce bad reviews while encouraging positive reviews.

The net result is a higher overall review score that will have prospective customers calling you and not your competitors.

RepPilot can be set up to focus on Google Reviews, Yelp!, or increasingly important Facebook reviews or any other review service you choose, even several at the same time.

It is an elegant solution, and one that will give you a distinct competitive advantage over your local competitors.

It is inexpensive and easy to operate, with an investment of as little as 5-15 minutes of well spent staff time a week.

Email or Call now for pricing and additional information.

Earl Netwal
Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant
on behalf of RepPilot


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Earl Netwal

About Earl: I have been working online since 1997, initially as an ebay powerseller. I began helping other businesses in the early 2000’s and now assist local businesses in the Twin Cities area and elsewhere with Reputation Management, Google Adwords Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and in particular inclusion in the Google 3 pack.